Who we are and what we believe: Migrants at the Center

Asylum seekers and refugees fleeing violence and persecution need safe passage, but they are being met instead with teargas, hate speech, and a militarized border.

We invite you to stand for justice by joining the Sanctuary Caravan, a call by New Sanctuary Coalition to thousands of loving minded people to spend 40 days and 40 nights at the border to meet, witness and accompany the exodus of people fleeing to the U.S. for sanctuary.

We believe that people have the right to migrate. We further believe that the current violence—both physical and bureaucratic—being directed at asylum seekers who have gathered at the border is immoral. We are committed to nonviolence, and we are equally committed to standing for dignity, liberty and equality for all people.

What will we do:

Our work is grounded in three rules: No judgement. Respect. Do no harm.

  • Volunteers will be trained to conduct a pro se legal clinic to assist and empower people to advocate for and represent themselves as they seek asylum.
  • Faith and lay leaders will stand in solidarity with and accompany our friends as they present themselves at the border.
  • Volunteers will follow up with those who are detained to regain their liberty and organize at home to welcome our friends as they reach their final destination.
  • Together, we will build transformational relationships across the country that have the power to affect long term change.  

We are resolved to stand in solidarity with those leaders of liberty who are nonviolently asserting their right to migrate by moving their caravan of brave souls across the U.S./Mexican border. On this issue there is a right side of history and a wrong side – but there is no middle.

The world is calling on you to take a side. Join us.