About the Sanctuary Caravan

Here in the U.S., we are watching thousands of refugees adding to the consistent stream of people exercising their legal right, as humans, to seek asylum at our southern border. They have been referred to, in the media, as the “migrant caravan”. As we learn more, we realize that this is a Central American Refugee Exodus on its way to the U.S. borders.

As the situation unfolds, we are gathering a swelling list of faith leaders, elected officials and others willing to do what it takes to ensure that the Exodus is met with compassion, legal and ethical clarity.


We are resolved to form a U.S. Caravan of supporters who will:

meet the Central American Exodus in Mexico,

witness their movement, and

accompany them into the U.S.

At the border, we will assist those seeking entry with their demands to enter the US without losing their liberty for humanitarian parole and freedom from imprisonment in the U.S. Read more here. (link? to just text?)

We invite you to join us to organize this nation-wide campaign. Sign up below to receive further updates.