A Call to Community Leaders and Organizations

The right to migrate is fundamental. Without it, the right to work, to be free, to live cannot be realized. We reaffirm our conviction that every member of the Central American Caravan has an inalienable human right to flee from U.S-backed violence and poverty, and to pursue better economic and political conditions elsewhere, regardless of national boundaries. We acknowledge that migrants possess a right to enter and remain in the United States; the same right afforded to US citizens.

We recognize that this is not an immigration crisis but a crisis of capitalism and imperialism, a crisis of the heart. US-backed military coups and economic policies have dramatically increased violence and inequality for decades in Central America. Capitalists and politicians have called the migrants an invasion of terrorists and criminals. But the terror comes from the U.S. halls of power and privilege, from the same elites who oppose just immigration policies, unions, universal health care, and raising the minimum wage.

The world is asking you to choose a side. As community organizations, coalitions and people of conscience, we understand the importance of standing together when faced with the abuse of power. We have an opportunity to challenge the ways our militarized borders are used to separate instead of welcome.

The New Sanctuary Coalition is issuing a National Call to Action to support the caravan seeking sanctuary in the United States. We are resolved to stand in solidarity with those freedom fighters who are nonviolently asserting their right to migrate. We call on you to assist us in moving the caravan of brave souls across the U.S./Mexican border. Help us to send resources and committed people to the border, including community delegations with varied skills. We can transform a difficult exodus into a journey of hope.

In many languages, we can answer this call, “Which Side Are You On?”

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Organizations listed for identification purposes only

, Member: Refugee Resettlement Coalition of Lane County , RRCLC
, Member: Refugee Resettlement Coalition of Lane County , RRCLC
, act.tv , video journalist
, Boston Medical Center
, Wallingford Indivisible , Co-Lead
, The Yoga Lodge on Whidbey Island , steward
, Walking With Al , Walker
, Walking With Al , Walker

, International Labor Rights Forum , Director of Campaigns

, Chinese Progressive Association - San Francisco
, Women’s March Wisconsin , Co-Chair
, Center for Popular Democracy , Senior Research Analyst
, UE , Presdident

, Long Island Network for Change
, Rivera Consulting, Inc , Founder and Principal
, Athens For Everyone , Membership Coordinator
, Ms. , Ms.


Endorsing Organizations

Advocates for Youth
Athens For Everyone
Dutchess County Legislator, District 11
Ethical Action Committee
Housing Works
Innovative Organizing
International Labor Rights Forum
Long Island Network for Change
Long Island Network for Change
Million Hoodies Movement for Justice
New York City Council
North American Congress on Latin America
Occupied Territory
One Global Democracy
Refugee Outreach Collective
Rivera Consulting, Inc
Society for Ethical Culture (Brooklyn, Riverdale-Yonkers)
The Gathering for Justice
The Maple Street School
Walkabout Clearwater Chorus
Wallingford Indivisible
Women’s March Wisconsin
universal partnership