New Year at Sanctuary Caravan

It’s a new day, a new year.

What does this mean? Are we going to keep up old habits? Like thinking that the ridiculous wrongs we know have to stay standing? Or instead, can we take the intentions of a new year and say: No more. Never again.

We will not stand by. We will not be afraid. We will do everything we possibly can – and even reach into the realm of what seems impossible – and change the narrative we see.

We at Sanctuary Caravan, have taken our ‘new year, new me’ mantra seriously. We have revisited our course, renewed our commitment to each other and our friends, and made changes we’re confident mean a bigger impact on the humanitarian crisis at the border - and also mean a more transparent and open process for volunteers like you.

Now, as you walk into this new year, may it be new! May you not be beholden to the limitations you’ve come to see as normative. May you see justice as not just necessary but within your influence. May you not be overwhelmed by this.

Let us look to our borders from the lens of a new day of possibility. Join us strengthened for the new day.


A message from Rev. David F. Telfort, Pastor at Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn

On, this ninth day of Consciousness we ask ourselves in the beginning of a new year what legacy do we want to leave behind?

Luke’s gospel tells us of two elders who after decades of faithful service in God’s temple see the Messiah they have been praying and waiting for. They bless the child. They speak good words over his life and family. They leave with him words of life that will bless the world.

Anna and Simeon bear witness to the truth that we all leave some type of legacy behind.

Indigenous communities remind us of our ancestors living in and through us. In our bodies, in nature and our souls. What legacy will we leave?

How will we bless our children, the ones who will usher in new ideas? When we see the brokenness of our world, the hurt that exists around us and decide to do something about it we are shaping our legacy.

We can decide what seeds we leave behind that will spring up into trees that will nourish and not harm. May our actions, movements and responses leave a legacy of freedom for all people.