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Ravi Ragbir, Executive Director, New Sanctuary Coalition

Sara Gozalo, Director New Sanctuary Coalition Pro Se Clinic and Accompaniment programs

Rev. Kaji Dousa, Park Ave. Christian Church

Fr. Fabian Arias, Iglesia de Sion/St. Peter's Church

Super short version:

Sanctuary Caravan is a manifestation of New Sanctuary Coalition’s belief that migration is a human right. It includes a pro se clinic, an accompaniment program, and post-crossing support.

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New Sanctuary Coalition’s Sanctuary Caravan is a three part effort spanning 40 days and 40 nights. At a pro se clinic in Tijuana trained volunteers complete an intake and help migrants prepare to face Customs and Border Patrol. An accompaniment program offering non-confrontational support and witness as migrants present themselves to CBP is also based in Tijuana, and a receiving team in San Diego connects migrants with communities across the US offering ongoing clinic and accompaniment programs. Sanctuary Caravan is governed by three rules: respect, no judgement, and do no harm.

Not so short version:

New Sanctuary Coalition’s Sanctuary Caravan is a bi-national program connecting migrants in Tijuana with US citizens committed to supporting their safe entry to the US and continuing as they navigate the byzantine and hostile immigration system. Sanctuary Caravan volunteers are drawn from all across the United States, with some organizing pro se clinics and accompaniment programs in their home towns in preparation for migrants joining their communities. Others report to a central location in San Diego for a day of training before being assigned to one of three programs: a pro se (for oneself - without legal representation) clinic in Tijuana, an accompaniment program, and a post-crossing team in San Diego. Each of these programs is based on the successful work New Sanctuary Coalition has been doing in NYC for over ten years.

New Sanctuary Coalition was founded by and for immigrants in 2007. NSC springs from New York’s faith-based and social justice communities and forms a unique family of citizens and immigrants, bound by a love of humanity and mutual respect. For over a decade NSC has created community and safety through its accompaniment program, pro se clinic, popular education series, and activism. NSC believes migration is a right, and the Sanctuary Caravan is a manifestation of their core values.


Ravi Ragbir, Executive Director New Sanctuary Coalition

“We will help everyone waiting to cross the border do so in a calm, organized manner. We believe Customs and Border Patrol could see many more people per day than they are currently seeing, and we are going to help them do that.”

“We will be there to meet,​ ​witness,​ ​and accompany people looking for safety and refuge.” 


Sara Gozalo, Director New Sanctuary Coalition Pro Se Clinic and Accompaniment Programs

“We are here for the long haul. Our goal is to change the national consciousness, and that is not something you achieve in a day or a week or even a month. We will be here for 40 days and 40 nights. And our goal is to get everyone currently at the border crossed.”


Rev. Kaji Dousa, Park Avenue Presbyterian Church

"At this time that refugees are being crowded and ignored at our border, ironically the church is remembering the story of Jesus' family who were refugees in the land of Egypt fleeing persecution and execution by the state."


Fr. Fabian Arias, Iglesia de Sion/St. Peter's Church

“Exodus is not new. We are called by our faith traditions to welcome the stranger. We will answer that call.”