Student Call to Action

Thousands of migrants are waiting at  U.S. border seeking refuge. They have grouped up for safety, fleeing desperate conditions in their home countries. The Trump administration has responded with lies and violence, mobilizing military personnel at the border to protect US citizens from a so-called “illegal invasion”.

Students of the United States, will we allow this violence to go down on our behalf?

It is time to act.

Students are the great influencers of any society. From the freedom fighters in Alabama to the water protectors at Standing Rock, students and youth of this country have always struggled righteously against injustice, challenged conventional wisdom, and transformed outmoded ideas. We have gone up against institutions which seemed unmovable. We have faced incredible odds, knowing we had Justice on our side. We have moved our society forward with our demands, our bodies, and our persistent pursuance of progress.

Right now, every student with a conscience has to make a choice. Will we stand by as this administration creates a culture of violence and hate against migrants? Or will we stand with asylum seekers, with our fellow human beings, joining those who are willing to put their bodies on the line. Will we idly watch as the migrant exodus at our border are met with tear gas, tanks and barbed wire? Or will we bear witness and greet them, offering hope for a different kind of future?

We must act together, with courage and determination, to impact what happens at the border. We call on students and campus community members across the U.S. to stand in solidarity with the Exodus of migrants, to help welcome them into our national home as well as our local communities upon their arrival.

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, Mount Holyoke College
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, Yale University
, Barnard College
, Lewis & Clark College
, University of California, Santa Cruz
, Brooklyn Friends School
, University of Texas at Austin
, Mount Holyoke College
, Brooklyn Friends school
, Green Mountain College
, Fordham University School of Law
, Haverford College
, Chelsea High School Skeptics Club
, Yale University
, Yale University
, Yale School of Drama
, Carleton College
, UT Austin
, Columbia University
, University of Wisconsin-Madison
, Northern Illinois University
, University of California Santa Cruz
, San Diego State University/Teatro Azteca
, New York University