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We are resolved to form a U.S. Caravan of supporters who will meet the Central American Caravan in Mexico, witness their movement, and accompany them into the U.S. At the border, we will assist those seeking entry with their demands to enter the US without losing their liberty.

Sanctuary Caravan is an exercise in advocacy without confrontation. We will meet, witness, and accompany the migrants at the border and do our utmost to ensure that they are treated with dignity and given the due process that is every person’s right. Our goal is to peacefully accompany every member of the caravan who so wishes in an orderly crossing of the border as they assert their right to seek asylum.

We will be a physical presence of support, witness and advocacy to promote accountability at both sides of the border, walking people across and welcoming them to the U.S. side, and supporting them as our friends and neighbors.

We will organize a pro se legal clinic on the southern side of the border to help people better understand the bureaucratic system they are about to enter and to assist them in knowing how to present themselves to CBP and advocate for themselves. U.S. citizens will accompany everyone who so wishes across the border and stand with them and wait for them to be released into our communities. We will offer a welcoming space on the northern side where our friends can breathe, and volunteer networks to help them connect with organizations and resources that will continue to offer safety and support.

We'll be adding details on going to the border soon - transport and staying there. For now, if you're joining us at the border please let us know here.

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